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INTERESTED in organizing a workshops in your area / city/country and wish to become our partners? Please send an email on and let us know your intention.||LAHORE||| 12th to 14th Sep 2014, NLP Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Lahore Call and Register Yourself 042-35789888-9 ||ISLAMABAD||| 19th to 21st Sep 2014, NLP Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Islamabad Call and Register Yourself 021-35810071-74-||KARACHI||| 18th Sep 2014, REIKI Healing Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Karachi. 5th to 6th Sep NLP Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Karachi Call and Register Yourself 021-35810071-74 0345-8221111 |


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The importance of educating parents to be as effective as possible in raising children has been recognized around the world, when there is lesser and lesser time being given to the children. These and other early efforts allowed groups of parents to gain emotional and social support from each other and to learn about child development.

Moiz Hussain has devised new educating and training skills which are beneficial for parents at any stage of their parenthood.

These programs are designed to improve parental effectiveness by providing a clear parenting philosophy and a set of positive parenting skills and strategies that can be used immediately to address a variety of child-rearing challenges and problems.

The main focus of this event would be :-

  • Increase parental confidence
  • Reduce parental stress and anxiety
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Reduce or eliminate spanking and hitting
  • Improve parent-child relations
  • Reduce child behavior problems
  • Improve child cooperation
  • Improve child self-esteem
  • Improve child adjustment
  • Improve child academic performance
  • Strengthen families
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