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INTERESTED in organizing a workshop in your area / city/ country and wish to become our partners? Please send an email on and let us know your intention|||THURSDAY LECTURE Every thursday from 07 pm to 8 pm PST |||KARACHI: 2016 in Karachi. Call & Register: 0345-8221111,021-35836448-9.|||LAHORE: . |||ISLAMABAD: Fourth Dimension Level 1 Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Islamabad on 22nd May 2016. For Registration call 02135836448-9 03458221111


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The Fourth Dimension® Educational series

Conceived, Created and Conducted by Prof. Dr Moiz Hussain

Motive ......

“To create a world of those who can alter the reality of the existing world to make it a better place to live and for those who follow”



From the Impossible to the POSSIBLE

(Conducted in Pakistan, India, UAE, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and KSA)

The Fourth Dimension® is one of the most powerful and result oriented workshop that can change your life from a level of ordinary to outstanding. Based on programming the sub conscious mind to attract health, wealth and happiness in your life through the learning and use of directed day dreaming and creative visualization in area such as;

• Education-learning, higher grades
• Improved memory and concentration
• Decision making
• Out of Box thinking
• Intuition and sixth sense development
• Creativity, imagination and visualization of goals
• Goal setting and goal achievement
• Self confidence and personal charisma
• Prevention and healing of diseases, disorders and many health conditions
• Improved relationship and quality in relationships-happiness
• Success in Business, job and career
• Those suffering from Panic attack, anxiety, Depression, Stress,
• Low self esteem, Lack of Confidence
• Weak memory and concentration
• Restful sleep
• Anti aging
• Finding love and the right partner
• Attracting Wealth in your business
• Creating massive unprecedented success in your professional and personal life
• Any much much more

Who should attend?

Business executives, employees and professionals
Entrepreneurs & Leaders
Doctors, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist
Wealth management Managers
Police, Military and law and order enforcement agencies
Just anyone who wants success and wants to achieve the impossible


Take a High Protein Breakfast when you come for the workshop (eggs, cheese, meat, poultry)
Wear loose clothing
Bring 4 passport size colored photographs
Sign the code of ethic agreement
Recording and note taking is not allowed, cell phones must be switched off during workshop

Those who have attended the Fourth Dimension workshop includes:
Senior Doctors, Psychiatrist and Psychologists
Business tycoons, Stock management managers, brokers
Senior and middle management
Decision makers including presidents of multinational companies, Banks
Govt, Police and senior Military officials
Students of O and A Levels, College and University students.
Scientists, Research scholars, Artists , Musicians and singers
TV and Film actors and actress
Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Regular Charges for level-1 Rs: 8900/

Date Title Venue City Registration
Comments (134)
  • admin  - Faisal Zia
    Please contact our office 02135836448, 9
  • admin  - Reply
    Mr. G Murtaza Bhutto and Dear Bilal, kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number then we will inform you when the workshop is held. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • G Murtaza Khuhro  - Fourth Dimension
    Sir I would like to attend in ur work shop of fourth dimension i would like to be successful person in my life i want to learn those exercises relating to mind make the person capable to absorve the things in a right direction.I shall be thank ful to u if u allow me to participate in the work shop.
  • bilal
    I am interested in 4D 2 islamabad.please inform me!
  • admin  - Reply
    Mr. Waqas Irshad kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number then we will inform you when the workshop is held. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • waqas irshad  - i love moiz hussain.
    sir i m graduate in 4D. i did it in 2007 bt nw i want 2 repeat it wd extra features n spiritual powers which u conduct in this advance 4D levels.i want 2 do 4D level-II also. jst tel me that when it wil b held in lahore. plzzzzzz.... god bless u my guru
  • admin  - Reply
    mR. Abid kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number and your problem. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • Abid Aftab  - How to improve my presentation skills
    Respected sir as my title tells that i m not a good presenter but i want to be before presentation at the time of preparation it seems that i m prepare but at diesk i dont do well means attractive presentation. what should i do. also i want to improve my mind power please suggest me how i can
  • admin  - Reply
    Mr. Hafiz Abdul Rehman kindly send this information on Prof. Moiz Hussain personal email: mention age , city , contact number and your problem. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • Hafiz Abdul Rehman  - I want to discuss aboutmy Studies
    Respected Sir, I Have done B.COM and Know I am doing MBA but the problem I've always faced I can't understand the lectures of my teachers when I received lectures I am not in the class please tell me whats my problem.And always I led down myself I cannot give any comment or any discussion with my class fellows as well as teachers regards, hafiz abdul rehmna
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