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INTERESTED in organizing a workshops in your area / city/country and wish to become our partners? Please send an email on and let us know your intention.||ISLAMABAD|| Reiki Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain on 4th September 2015 in Islamabad.For Registration Call 021-35810071-74//Silva Life System workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain in lahore on 4th and 5th September 2015// Silva Intution System workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain on 5th to 6th September 2015.For registration call 021-35810071-74,0345-8221111 ||LAHORE|| Reiki Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain on 14th August 2015.For Registration Call: 042-35789888-9// Silva Life System workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain in lahore on 14th and 15th Aug 2015// Silva Intution System workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain on 15th and 16th August 2015.For Registration Call 042-35789888-9 ||DUBAI||Fourth Dimension 1,Reiki & NLP workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain in Dubai from 20th to 23rd August 2015.For registration email on ||Karachi|| Reiki Healing Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Karachi on 7th August 2015 for Registration Call : +9221-35836448-9 , 0345-8221111// NLP Workshop by Dr Moiz Hussain in karachi on 28th to 30th August 2015.For Registarion Call 021-35810071-74,0345-8221111


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Yes it was an amazing experience, i hope it will have a positive impact in our lives, you are doing wonderful job, hats off to you Sir!
it was really a great exerience to learn hypnosis.....i'm very lucky that regardless of all tough projects and bz schedule Allah has given me another chance to learn something from his very blessed person i.e. Dr. Moiz.,,,
sir i really wanna thank you for all ur kind efforts......u r the one who gave us completely new vision, i always thought that i have limited mind n i cant achieve what others can as i'm bit lazy and i cant reach to height but now everything has changed......with all ur kind guidance i start feeling better n better everyday......i feel so powerful with the tools u taught us in 4D, Silva, NLP n now in hypnosis....i feel so much gratitude for u....... i don’t think i can ever thank u for all efforts in helping us to turn into a better human...
i solute u n wish u best of health and long happy life.
with lots of dua n love.
Thank you so much, It was a great and amazing experience first to have you in front of me and of course hypnosis!! Still now I am unable to believe that how amazing this experience is for me... i am hypnotizing WoW ... thank you so much Sir
Dear Sir.. how are you... thank you very much for the past 3 day's wonderful experience and teaching... i take it as a one more cheer and joy from you into my life... You are one of the best things happened in my life... The inspiration you have given to me is beyond any my expression... The vision and power u have given to me .. it enabled me to share and spread what i have learned from you.. and this is so great in itself that i've a huge fan mail only because of those happy and encouraging thoughts which i share on your pages... thank you very much for letting me enjoy this feeling..
thank you so much Dr. Moiz, Ms. Urooj and team for such a wonderful workshop......i really dont have words to thank all ur efforts.......u ppl are true blessing of Almighty and i'm so happy that i cud get a chance to be a part of TIMS and enrich myslef. . Thank you so very sir and Team..... loads of blessingsssss
Hypnosis!!! AWSUMMMMM,SUPERBBBBB.SPLENDID,MIND BLOWINGGGG WORKSHOPP ever i ve haddd!!!!!unforgtable xperience ov maaa llyyff.... thank u sirrrr 4 givinggg us dizz wonderfullll precious knwledge!!!!hope v could perfm accordnce wid ur level ov hardworkinggg....n i must say...U r not only a gr8 teacher but also a gr888888 gr8888888 human beinggg!!!!!GOD BLESSS U!!!!!

Faisal KamranHope all are fine there. I am the guy that attended 4d workshop in Rawalpindi pc. In the workshop I had shared with you that I am achieving successfully my goals through 4d practice.e.g. I am getting 172000/ month( before practicing 4d and money mind techniques it was 30000/ month. I shifted my family to Peshawar though at that time I had no money for shifting my family to Peshawar ( maximum 10000 Rs were in my account). I also achieved my third goal by marrying with a girl of my dreams. I am and will be always obliged to you for your guidance and what I had learnt in your workshops. For meeting with you and attending your workshops I am always very grateful to Almighty Allah. Before attending your workshops I was seriously thinking about finishing my life and frankly speaking your workshops and prayers of my mother were the only hope for me at that time

Now i am feeling that i am facing a challenge in my professional life and that is that I want to have full command on spoken and written english. I will be very thankful if you give me advice/ guidance on how to train my mind for it.

faiza"We are really grateful sir....your wisdom n knowledge has changed us n our lives..."
Jessie lodhi"I had attended 4-D 1, course, in which we all participants got the "Coin Bowl", I'd wished for a new home, and had kept pictures also in this coin bowl, after practically 3 and a half years my wish has come true! Now i havea new home!"
Syed Kishwar Abidi"Yes, he is a man of tremendous qualities and the people too who follow him."
abid ansari"Every word of Moiz Hussain is for learning,
if people have sense..........."
Ashfaq Hussain"Moiz Sb - You are a great personality.I am a fan of you. You are an asset for Pakistan."
Sir Moiz is a great person as well as a teacher!!!!!
I did COIN BOX TECHNIQUE for my husband's job and the other day he got an appointment letter....that was amazing.....
"Sir its true, we want to change the world but want to remain same.......and yes 4D helped us alot to change this concept........ to be honest i dont have words to thank u for this......"
I have been actively using mind power and it has really benefited me. I would like to learn how to use the time tunnel.
I have fulfilled the commitments that I have made with you. Telephonic calls have been made to the angry people after 20 years.
Prof. Moiz your book “Pebbles on the Beach”. "just read the beginning. its so thought provoking.. I’m still dazed"
Thank you for the wonderful experience we had during your recent workshop on Hypnosis at Dubai.
Sir, You are a Great Teacher. Good teachers impart good education. Great teachers groom their students to become leaders. Ordinary teachers direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire us to seek our own path. They encourage us to discover our talents. Allah Bless you.
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