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INTERESTED in organizing a workshop in your area / city/ country and wish to become our partners? Please send an email on and let us know your intention|||THURSDAY LECTURE Every thursday from 07 pm to 8 pm PST |||KARACHI: 2016 in Karachi. Call & Register: 0345-8221111,021-35836448-9.|||LAHORE: . |||ISLAMABAD: Fourth Dimension Level 1 Workshop by Dr.Moiz Hussain in Islamabad on 22nd May 2016. For Registration call 02135836448-9 03458221111


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Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. With Hypnosis, we can create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well-being. Learn how to guide yourself and others to lose weight, quit smoking and be free of physical pain. These programs are especially suited for health care professionals, practicing therapists, and all individuals seeking to make a positive change in their lives.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is an intensive training of learning how to tap into the unconscious mind of the other person as well as Self. Hypnosis is Self and hetero meaning hypnotizing others. The training involves 10% Theory and 90% practical training.

Training Modules includes
  • Self Hypnosis - 3 stage
  • Suggestibility Test - 5 test
  • Types of Hypnosis
  • Trance induction- various types
  • Compound trance- Deeping trance
  • Depth Testing of Subjects in Trance
  • Interventions, Therapy, Clearing, Reframe etc
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Smoking Cessation, Weight Reduction and Stress Management
  • Suggestion Management
  • Systematic Desensitization
  • Fear and Phobia Removal
  • Confidence Building, Increased will power, Better memory and concentration
  • Stage Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis and In-direct Hypnosis
Who should Join and Learn?
  • Students desirous to improve grades, enhance confidence and build a charismatic personality
  • Corporate Executives, people in sales and marketing, Customer's service industries. Business person, professionals including lawyers, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, occupational therapist etc
  • Military and Para military, Police force, Investigation and intelligence agencies
  • House wives as well as working females
  • Actors, Artists, Musicians, painters, etc


  • Cure and management of various illnesses including Migraine, aches and pain, G.I. Disorders including IBS, Asthma, heart ailments, skin disorders including psoriasis, loss of hearing and weak vision and much much more.
  • Develop the tone, rhythm and capability to penetrate into the mind of others for positive purposes.
  • Hypnotize over 94% of Normal people.
  • use Hypnosis in business and profession to Increase your income.
  • Learn to program your subconscious mind for Success.
  • Take others into their childhood and remove their traumas and fears.
  • Eliminate fear of public speaking, stage fright, darkness etc, All types of fears and phobias.
  • Gain immense confidence, develop charisma and become popular in social gatherings and in public.
  • Improve and enhance your relationships.
  • Attract anyone you desire!
Date Title Venue City Registration
8th to 10th April 2016 HYPNOSIS Workshop Hotel SUNFORT Lahore Call:042-35789888-9
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    Mr. Sibghat kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number and problem. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • sibghat  - SP
    Dear Sir, i have got SP from my school life,, i have been to uncountable docs and medication, but nothing,, now i has been20 years since i am suffring, but now it hurst much my professional life,, can i have ur attention please, how ?
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    Dear All Users, Kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number & your problem. and serious cases send email to Prof. Moiz Hussain mention all things. Regards, Parkash Kannar
  • khadim ali  - student
    hi sir i wuld like ask to you that i am a student of BBA but more time i fell its suitable for that i am going to dissatisfy with my study and i think that i should change my study in other way like arts and it and etc
  • Tanveer Abbasi
    I want to know details about workshops
  • Mehmood Iqbal  - Info Please !
    i wants to join this society to learn something, please tell me the procedure. Managment, Please contact me at me at my email
  • Faraz Ahmed  - My mother and I want to be treated through hypnosi
    Hi, My mother and I r suffering from depression and mentally disorder, I since the age of fifteen and my mother bcame ill when she see's me going in deep depression and crying and became aggresive all the time and now she she says that her mind doesnt sleep even if she snors at night we have shown to many doctors but no cure yet ,I m 33 years old and unmarried ,plz reply me on my mail with ur charges details and workshop details in Khi( i want to learn hypnosis too for my mother and my self too) ,coz i want my mother to be healthy and happy and in complete peace of mind that happens when she see's me healthy and happy,plz help me and relpy me with complete details
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    Ms. Sherry Iqbal kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number and your problem. Regards, Parkash Kannar
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    I am sherry iqbal, 27 years old, living in rawalpindi and working in islamabad. i got your mail to inform you about my details. therefore i given all above . my contact no is 03452364687
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    Mr. Wahaj Kindly send us your all information mention age , city , contact number and problem. and for appointment call 0345-8221111. Regards, Parkash Kannar
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